Foundation Concepts

No matter what kind of chronic pain or illness you are facing, it takes a strong foundation to move forward towards a better life. Prioritizing basics – nutrition, hydration, rest, movement, support, and mindfulness – gives traditional treatments like medication and pain management procedures the best possible chance of working as well as they can.

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Video Library

Check out some of our short videos and presentations on chronic pain, chronic illness, and how even the smallest changes can drastically improve our lives and our pain.

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Hope Over Pain Support Community

Meet and interact with other people who are applying these methods to their chronic pain and illness. Give and receive support, discuss what works and what doesn’t for each person, and share valuable tips and tricks for living well with chronic pain and chronic illness.

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What is Hope Over Pain?

We are a group of people with chronic pain and chronic illness who have come together to offer resources to the communities we care so much about, where we have seen so many people struggle in recent years as doctors have been less and less willing to prescribe pain medications even when we are following all the rules and contracts, and doing everything we have been asked to do.  

Since it may be some time now before the situation improves and people will once again be able to get the medications that previously allowed them to work, to function in society, and to care for their families, our goal is to offer as many options as possible that people can implement on their own that, in combination and in the middle- to long-term can have a cumulative impact on the reduction of pain.

We began with one question in mind: “If we are no longer able to be prescribed pain medication, what do we do to continue living our lives as fully as possible?”

Our hope is that through the articles and videos created through this initiative, we can make more tools available for living well even in the circumstances today that can seem so dire. We want to show everyone living with chronic pain that there are more options than just medication and invasive procedures — that we have the ability to reduce the pain we feel in ways that don’t require prescriptions or injections or surgeries.


What’s the first step?

Start by clicking the “Foundation” menu item at the top of the screen, which will take you to the initial introduction and direct you to more in-depth sources. If you’re not much of a reader, we’re in the process of putting much of the same material into a series of short video presentations, which will be available under the same menu as they are completed.

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